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Educators, Industry, and Students Engaged in Construction Careers

By participating in the ABC Greater Houston Schools Training Division, you are unlocking the door to great potential in a robust industry. The Construction Industry needs to attract new workers annually to keep up with the current employment demand. One of the goals of the Schools Training Division is to provide students with the opportunity to explore the many facets of the Construction Industry and the career opportunities available. A second goal is to give CTE teachers resources and new connections to current happenings in the industry, providing them with opportunities to meet Industry leaders, and become aware of the numerous job opportunities for their students. A third goal of the program is to encourage industry participation from the very companies who will seek to fill construction positions.

Construction Careers Youth Committee

The mission of the Construction Careers Youth Committee is to promote and support Construction Industry workforce education at sponsored high schools. High schools are sponsored as an NCCER Accredited Training and Education Facility (ATEF) and are partnered with ABC of Greater Houston and its educational affiliate Construction & Maintenance Education Foundation. High school students in select Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes have the opportunity to be receive NCCER accredited craft training credentials. These students are being made aware of and recruited into the Construction Industry!


Events Supported by the Construction Careers Youth Committee
  • Construction Careers Exposition
    The Construction Careers Exposition provides a supportive environment for high school students to be introduced to basic craft skills and to explore opportunities in the construction industry. It is a one-of-a-kind event supported by an industry that encompasses numerous hands-on activities and events in a safe environment. The event shares the value of safety and the industry’s commitment to safety, builds awareness of available training, assists students in making informed career and technical education choices, and builds positive relationships with high school districts, instructors, and students while opening 

  • the doors for on-going mentoring and engagement at the high school level.

  • Career Development Events
    CCYC members have the opportunity to volunteer to attend high school career development events such as Course Elective Fairs, Career Fairs, College Night, and Guest Speaker Presentations. Volunteers distribute literature that represents the Construction Industry, their respective company literature, giveaways, and/or speak to students about their career and educational goals that are relative to the industry.

  • Advisory Committees
    CCYC members have the opportunity to volunteer to serve on high school Career and Technology (CTE) Education Advisory Committees. Advisory committees typically meet two to three times per academic year to assist educators in developing, maintaining, and evaluating workforce education programs and courses.  To strengthen that process and provide input that encourages CTE programs to be designed to meet workforce employment needs, high schools need the advice of local area business and industry professionals to guide them. A premiere way to assist with such advice is by volunteering to serve on an advisory committee​.

  • To participate in the Construction Careers Youth Committee (CCYC) or if you are a high school that wants more information on how to become a sponsored Accredited Training and Education Facility, contact Monica Swift.

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